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    Scene understanding for grasping robots

    来源:朱超  日期:2018-08-24  点击量:

    报告题目: Scene understanding for grasping robots




    Prof. Liming Chen is in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, University of Lyon, France. He received his MSc and PhD in computer science from the University Pierre and Marie Curie Paris 6 in 1986 and 1989 respectively. He served as the Chief Scientific Officer in the company Avivias from 2001 to 2003, and the scientific multimedia expert in France Telecom R&D China in 2005. He was the head of the Department of Mathematics and Computer science from 2007 through 2016. His current research interests include computer vision, machine learning, image and video analysis and categorization, face analysis and recognition, and affective computing. Liming has over 250 publications and successfully supervised over 35 PhD students. He has been a grant holder for a number of research grants from EU FP program and local government departments. Liming has so far guest-edited 3 journal special issues. He is an associate editor for Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing and a senior IEEE member.


    The skill of grasping objects is a major human dexterity. However, despite years of research, grasping objects by robots , i.e., robotic grasping, is still problematic as current robots are still unable to automatically understand the scene, locate the objects, determine the grasp parameters, e.g., opening size of the gripper, the force to be applied, etc. In this talk, I am giving an overview of our recent research work, e.g., object instance segmentation for scene understanding, grasp position prediction, mainly based on deep machine learning through simulated data, to endow grasping robots with human vision capabilities.

    联系人: 北京科技大学计算机与通信工程学院

      chaozhu@ustb.edu.cn, 15210013831

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