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    Teaching Staff
    Team Nameprincipal     research directioncontact information
    Cyberspace Data and Intelligence Lab Ning Huansheng 1、Internet of Things
    2、Cyber-Physical-Social Computing
    3、Big Data and Cloud Computing
    3、Green Communication and Computing
    4、Ubiquitous Intelligence
    5、High Performance Computing
    Knowledge Engineering (Brain-like Intelligence) LabZhang Dezheng1、Natural language processing,satellite image processing
    2、Big data,deep learning, brain-like intelligence
    TEL: (86)010-62334547;
    Email: zdzchina@126.com;
    Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation LabYin Xucheng 1、Pattern recognition、computer vision,machine learning
    2、intelligent information retrieval and data mining
    3、intelligent embedded software and hardware systems,and AI chips
    Artificial intelligence and 3D visualization
    Ban Xiaojuan
    1、Artificial intelligence and artificial life
    2、Computer vision Natural 3、human-computer interaction
    4、Three-dimensional visualization technology
    5、Virtual reality
    Email: banxj@ustb.edu.cn
    Computing Intelligence Technology and SystemLuo Xiong1、Machine learning and data mining,modeling and evolutionary computation of complex systems,computer vision
    2、Brain-like computing, intelligent transportation and autonomous driving,industrial control network security,IoT applications

    Email: xluo@ustb.edu.cn
    Beijing Engineering and Technology Center for Convergence Networks and Ubiquitous Services
    Long KePing 1、Optical and wireless networks
    2、Integration of Telecom Public Network and Industry Private Network and Technology Innovation
    Email: huangfuwei@ustb.edu.cn

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